Sam Richard Bentley is an illustrator and creative, originally from Hertfordshire, England, now living and working in South Wales. With a mix of digital painting, digital illustration and photo manipulation, he creates his own unique take on poster art, portraits and character pieces. 

Having studied art from a young age, and going on to study both Graphic Design and Illustration at a higher level, his style and technique has developed over the last few years, having gone from working only with photo manipulation, to creating fulfilling and rewarding illustrative art, and he can't wait to see how further he will develop as a creative


His work has been bought by the likes of Rachel Talalay, director of multiple 'Doctor Who' episodes, has been used on a cover of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society's 'Celestial Toyroom' fanzine, and also featured as exclusive prints available at two VworpCon events in 2018 and 2019.

You can purchase his work on his store, or follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and PosterSpy

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